Spring MVC Tutorial: Process Form Submission

Spring Tutorial Index Page Previous – Dependency Injection Next – Form Validation This article shows how to process form in Spring. In this program, a form submission module will be added. Specifically, we will use web form to add a new employee and show the new employee list. Step 1: Prepare Required Classes Add addEmployee … Read more

Spring MVC Tutorial – Setter Dependency Injection

Spring Tutorial Index Page Previous: Hello World Next: Handling Form Submission In previous tutorial, we have seen how to create a simple Hello World Spring application using Maven under Eclipse. In the Hello World application, we used annotation. In this tutorial, I will show how to use xml configuration and setter dependency injection. Instead of … Read more

Spring MVC HelloWorld Using Maven in Eclipse

Java developers often rely on examples to learn Spring framework. Simple examples are often a key learning resource. There are many Spring MVC HelloWorld applications. However, most of them are outdated (do not integrate Maven, use old version of Spring, etc) or not complete (missing key steps or file hierarchy view). Therefore can not lead … Read more

How to Deploy Spring Project to Live Server

Assuming you have created a dynamic web project under Eclipse, and you have tested your project, now you want to deploy the Spring project to a live server. The project runs on Tomcat and it interacts with MySQL database. How to correctly deploy your project? To deploy the project, you need to build a .war … Read more

Install Tomcat 7 for Eclipse

As a web project runs on an HTTP server, a new server should be setup to hold the web project. Download Tomcat 7.0 here. Download the core Zip version, and unzip it to a directory (remember this directory). In your eclipse, create a new Server. Select the directory where you unzipped the tomcat. Run the … Read more

Spring HelloWorld Example Using Eclipse and Maven

This article illustrates how to do a Spring Hello World by using Eclipse and Maven. You should install eclipse and maven plugin first. 1. Set up a Maven Project Create a Maven project by using the Wizard. GroupId identifies the project uniquely across all projects, so we need to enforce a naming schema. ArtifactId is … Read more

Open Source Projects Using Spring Framework

Spring framework is difficult to learn, especially when you want to develop a real project with industry standards. Reading tutorials is a good way for learning at the beginning. But finally, you still need to read code from real projects. Luckily, there are some very good open source projects that use Spring framework. Here are … Read more

Spring Framework Tutorial – Hello World

Latest Update: 2014/05/21 This post shows how to build a Spring Hello World application. The following are all steps required to make a Spring hello world program. 1. Set up development environment IDE: Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers. The latest version is Eclipse Kepler (4.3.2). Here is the one you should download: 2. Create … Read more

Best Free Fast Spring MVC Tutorial

Here is a good site about Spring MVC. http://maestric.com/doc/java/spring/hello_world I guess this is the right way to make a tutorial. While there are so many posts out there talking about Spring MVC examples, sample applications or tutorials, there is still a reason to make a new one. This is a good example that can make … Read more

How to connect LDAP server using Spring LDAP framework (fully tested code)

Although Java JNDI provides API for LDAP operations, but using JNDI normally need a lot of low-level programming work. Spring LDAP framework is a good way to do LDAP in Java. In this step-by-step guide, you will see how to connect to LDAP server and then search a user’s name using user’s ID. Before you … Read more