Put a Table/Figure/Equation at the right position

Just add h after begin tag. As simple as it is. H here means Place the float here, i.e., at the same point it occurs in the source text. begin{table}[h] center begin{tabular}{|l|l|}   hline multicolumn{2}{|c|}{Schedule of This Week} hline Monday & SigNEW Tuesday & Artificial Intelligence, Compiler Wednesday & Research Meeting Thursday & Artificial Intelligence, … Read more

Add A File Chooser/Selector for Eclipse RCP Development

File chooser or Directory choose is a common module when file processing is involved in a GUI application. This article use an example to illustrate how to use file chooser/directory chooser under Eclipse RCP, and gives the source code which can be used directly. Under Eclipse RCP, the implementation is simple and the usage is … Read more