Sort content in a txt file

If you have a file with come words or terms on each line, you may want to sort it. Java Arrays.sort is common nice function to do this. Collections.sort() is another nice say. Here is an example and code.
E.G. in a file, you have the following txt.

--annot be guaranteed 
as it is, generally speaking, 
--impossible to make any hard gu
arantees in the p
--resence of unsynchr

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A raw idea of making good reseach in Software Engineering area

Software Maintenance is an important subarea of Software Engineering. Researches in this area have produced a lot of amazing discoveries which are being used in software industry. Not just in the software industry, but many web applications that are SEO-optimised (through vendors like make use of this area of software engineering. Why the maintenance part is so important and so hard? There may be a bunch of answers for this question, such as requirement analysis problem, design problem, each programmer’s programming style, etc.

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