Java Code Examples for org.apache.bcel.Constants#IFLE

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Example 1
Source Project: ApkToolPlus   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
/** Create branch instruction by given opcode, except LOOKUPSWITCH and TABLESWITCH.
  * For those you should use the SWITCH compound instruction.
 public static BranchInstruction createBranchInstruction(short opcode, InstructionHandle target) {
   switch(opcode) {
   case Constants.IFEQ:      return new IFEQ(target);
   case Constants.IFNE:      return new IFNE(target);
   case Constants.IFLT:      return new IFLT(target);
   case Constants.IFGE:      return new IFGE(target);
   case Constants.IFGT:      return new IFGT(target);
   case Constants.IFLE:      return new IFLE(target);
   case Constants.IF_ICMPEQ: return new IF_ICMPEQ(target);
   case Constants.IF_ICMPNE: return new IF_ICMPNE(target);
   case Constants.IF_ICMPLT: return new IF_ICMPLT(target);
   case Constants.IF_ICMPGE: return new IF_ICMPGE(target);
   case Constants.IF_ICMPGT: return new IF_ICMPGT(target);
   case Constants.IF_ICMPLE: return new IF_ICMPLE(target);
   case Constants.IF_ACMPEQ: return new IF_ACMPEQ(target);
   case Constants.IF_ACMPNE: return new IF_ACMPNE(target);
   case Constants.GOTO:      return new GOTO(target);
   case Constants.JSR:       return new JSR(target);
   case Constants.IFNULL:    return new IFNULL(target);
   case Constants.IFNONNULL: return new IFNONNULL(target);
   case Constants.GOTO_W:    return new GOTO_W(target);
   case Constants.JSR_W:     return new JSR_W(target);
throw new RuntimeException("Invalid opcode: " + opcode);