Java Code Examples for org.apache.bcel.Constants#ATTR_DEPRECATED

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Example 1
Source Project: ApkToolPlus   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
 * @param name_index Index in constant pool to CONSTANT_Utf8
 * @param length Content length in bytes
 * @param bytes Attribute contents
 * @param constant_pool Array of constants
public Deprecated(int name_index, int length, byte[] bytes,
    ConstantPool constant_pool)
  super(Constants.ATTR_DEPRECATED, name_index, length, constant_pool);
  this.bytes = bytes;
Example 2
Source Project: ApkToolPlus   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
public static final Attribute readAttribute(DataInputStream file,
				      ConstantPool constant_pool)
   throws IOException, ClassFormatException
   ConstantUtf8 c;
   String       name;
   int          name_index;
   int          length;
   byte         tag = Constants.ATTR_UNKNOWN; // Unknown attribute

   // Get class name from constant pool via `name_index' indirection
   name_index = (int)file.readUnsignedShort();
   c          = (ConstantUtf8)constant_pool.getConstant(name_index, 
   name       = c.getBytes();

   // Length of data in bytes
   length = file.readInt();

   // Compare strings to find known attribute
   for(byte i=0; i < Constants.KNOWN_ATTRIBUTES; i++) {
     if(name.equals(Constants.ATTRIBUTE_NAMES[i])) {
tag = i; // found!

   // Call proper constructor, depending on `tag'
   switch(tag) {
   case Constants.ATTR_UNKNOWN:
     AttributeReader r = (AttributeReader)readers.get(name);

     if(r != null)
return r.createAttribute(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);
return new Unknown(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);

   case Constants.ATTR_CONSTANT_VALUE:
     return new ConstantValue(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);

   case Constants.ATTR_SOURCE_FILE:
     return new SourceFile(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);
   case Constants.ATTR_CODE:
     return new Code(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);
   case Constants.ATTR_EXCEPTIONS:
     return new ExceptionTable(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);
   case Constants.ATTR_LINE_NUMBER_TABLE:
     return new LineNumberTable(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);
     return new LocalVariableTable(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);

   case Constants.ATTR_INNER_CLASSES:
     return new InnerClasses(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);

   case Constants.ATTR_SYNTHETIC:
     return new Synthetic(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);

   case Constants.ATTR_DEPRECATED:
     return new Deprecated(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);

   case Constants.ATTR_PMG:
     return new PMGClass(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);

   case Constants.ATTR_SIGNATURE:
     return new Signature(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);

   case Constants.ATTR_STACK_MAP:
     return new StackMap(name_index, length, file, constant_pool);

   default: // Never reached
     throw new IllegalStateException("Ooops! default case reached.");
Example 3
Source Project: ApkToolPlus   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
 * @return attribute name
public final String toString() {
  return Constants.ATTRIBUTE_NAMES[Constants.ATTR_DEPRECATED];