Java Code Examples for org.apache.bcel.Constants#CONSTANT_NameAndType

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Example 1
Source Project: ApkToolPlus   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
 * Read one constant from the given file, the type depends on a tag byte.
 * @param file Input stream
 * @return Constant object
static final Constant readConstant(DataInputStream file)
  throws IOException, ClassFormatException
  byte b = file.readByte(); // Read tag byte

  switch(b) {
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Class:              return new ConstantClass(file);
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Fieldref:           return new ConstantFieldref(file);
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Methodref:          return new ConstantMethodref(file);
  case Constants.CONSTANT_InterfaceMethodref: return new 
  case Constants.CONSTANT_String:             return new ConstantString(file);
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Integer:            return new ConstantInteger(file);
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Float:              return new ConstantFloat(file);
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Long:               return new ConstantLong(file);
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Double:             return new ConstantDouble(file);
  case Constants.CONSTANT_NameAndType:        return new ConstantNameAndType(file);
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Utf8:               return new ConstantUtf8(file);
    throw new ClassFormatException("Invalid byte tag in constant pool: " + b);
Example 2
Source Project: ApkToolPlus   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
 * @param name_index Name of field/method
 * @param signature_index and its signature
public ConstantNameAndType(int name_index,
	     int signature_index)
  this.name_index      = name_index;
  this.signature_index = signature_index;
Example 3
Source Project: ApkToolPlus   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public void visitConstantNameAndType(ConstantNameAndType obj){
	if (obj.getTag() != Constants.CONSTANT_NameAndType){
		throw new ClassConstraintException("Wrong constant tag in '"+tostring(obj)+"'.");
	checkIndex(obj, obj.getNameIndex(), CONST_Utf8);
	//checkIndex(obj, obj.getDescriptorIndex(), CONST_Utf8); //inconsistently named in BCEL, see below.
	checkIndex(obj, obj.getSignatureIndex(), CONST_Utf8);
Example 4
Source Project: ApkToolPlus   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
 * Resolve constant to a string representation.
 * @param  constant Constant to be printed
 * @return String representation
public String constantToString(Constant c)
     throws ClassFormatException  
  String   str;
  int      i;
  byte     tag = c.getTag();

  switch(tag) {
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Class: 
    i   = ((ConstantClass)c).getNameIndex();
    c   = getConstant(i, Constants.CONSTANT_Utf8);
    str = Utility.compactClassName(((ConstantUtf8)c).getBytes(), false);

  case Constants.CONSTANT_String:
    i   = ((ConstantString)c).getStringIndex();
    c   = getConstant(i, Constants.CONSTANT_Utf8);
    str = "\"" + escape(((ConstantUtf8)c).getBytes()) + "\"";

  case Constants.CONSTANT_Utf8:    str = ((ConstantUtf8)c).getBytes();         break;
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Double:  str = "" + ((ConstantDouble)c).getBytes();  break;
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Float:   str = "" + ((ConstantFloat)c).getBytes();   break;
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Long:    str = "" + ((ConstantLong)c).getBytes();    break;
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Integer: str = "" + ((ConstantInteger)c).getBytes(); break;

  case Constants.CONSTANT_NameAndType:
    str = (constantToString(((ConstantNameAndType)c).getNameIndex(),
	      Constants.CONSTANT_Utf8) + " " +

  case Constants.CONSTANT_InterfaceMethodref: case Constants.CONSTANT_Methodref:
  case Constants.CONSTANT_Fieldref:
    str = (constantToString(((ConstantCP)c).getClassIndex(),
	      Constants.CONSTANT_Class) + "." + 

  default: // Never reached
    throw new RuntimeException("Unknown constant type " + tag);
  return str;