Java Code Examples for org.apache.bcel.Constants#FSTORE

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Example 1
 * Returns the type associated with the instruction - 
 * in case of ALOAD or ASTORE Type.OBJECT is returned.
 * This is just a bit incorrect, because ALOAD and ASTORE
 * may work on every ReferenceType (including Type.NULL) and
 * ASTORE may even work on a ReturnaddressType .
 * @return type associated with the instruction
public Type getType(ConstantPoolGen cp) {
  switch(canon_tag) {
  case Constants.ILOAD: case Constants.ISTORE: 
    return Type.INT;
  case Constants.LLOAD: case Constants.LSTORE: 
    return Type.LONG;
  case Constants.DLOAD: case Constants.DSTORE: 
    return Type.DOUBLE;
  case Constants.FLOAD: case Constants.FSTORE: 
    return Type.FLOAT;
  case Constants.ALOAD: case Constants.ASTORE:
    return Type.OBJECT;

  default: throw new ClassGenException("Oops: unknown case in switch" + canon_tag);