Remove WP-Syntax Alternative Line Background Color

Recently, when I upgrade wp-syntax plugin, it shows code in alternative background color for each line. This is so annoying and makes the code not readable. It looks like the following: The solution is simple. Go to Edit the plugin, and select the wp-syntax/css/wp-syntax.css to edit. First comment out the following code by using “/* … Read more

Make “Facebook and Twitter share buttons” WordPress Plugin Float Correctly on Left Side of Post.

Facebook and Twitter share buttons is a good plugin for sharing. But it does not float correctly on left side of post. If the screen is too small, the button will overlap each post. In the following I will make some changes and then the buttons always float on the left side of post. Editing … Read more

Enable lightbox effect for WordPress NextGen Gallery Plugin

The Lightbox effect in NextGen Gallery is actually not working. To enable lightbox effect, there is another plugin which works for NextGen Gallery – slimbox. Just search “slimbox”, and enable this plugin. Then enable lightbox effect for under NextGen Gallery options->effects. Also to use lighbox, it’s a good idea to resize image to 800*600 by … Read more