Make “Facebook and Twitter share buttons” WordPress Plugin Float Correctly on Left Side of Post.

Facebook and Twitter share buttons is a good plugin for sharing. But it does not float correctly on left side of post. If the screen is too small, the button will overlap each post. In the following I will make some changes and then the buttons always float on the left side of post.

Editing twitter-facebook-google-plusone-share/tf_display.php:

//$output = '<div id="leftcontainerBox" style="' .$border. $bkcolor. 'position:' .$option['float_position']. '; top:' .$option['bottom_space']. '; left:' .$option['left_space']. ';">';
$output = '<div id="leftcontainerBox" style="' .$border. $bkcolor. 'position:' .$option['float_position']. '; top:' .$option['bottom_space']. '; ">';

Comment out the above and change it to be the line below.

Editing twitter-facebook-google-plusone-share/tfg_style.css:

Add margin-left to the following css segment.

#leftcontainerBox {
z-index: 1000;
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