Face Collage Maker 1.0 free download

Face Collage Maker is a tool used for converting this

to this

Create a directory "facecollage"under C drive. Then create the following sub directories:



Now copy your face image to facecollage directory and change the file name as main.jpg.

Copy a number of images to the source directory.

Now you show have some thing like this:

c->facecollage->source->a number of images



Finally, download face collage maker  and double click it to run. After two minutes(depends on your hardware), you should be able to get a collage face under c->facecollage->collage.

This face collage maker is in an initial version. I would appreciate it if you let me know there is any problem, so I can improve it.

Updated: Face Collage Maker 2.0 Download link.

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  • joaquine delos reyes

    nice software