The problem of truncating text from SQL Server in PHP

PHP and SQL Server are a powerful combination, however sometimes data stored in a text type column is truncated for no apparent reason after 4096 characters.

I got this problem today when I want to display text data from SQL Server 2000. Apparently, I need to increase the maximum size of a text column to be returned from SQL Server by PHP. Since I have control over the Web Server. Here is how I fixed the problem.

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Using Alfresco PHP Web Service to upload files

The following is the PHP code for uploading files using Alfresco Web Service. I put some comments inside the code. If there is anything confuses you, please leave your comment and I hope I can help. if (isset($_SERVER["ALF_AVAILABLE"]) == false) { require_once "./alfresco_sdk/remote/Alfresco/Service/Repository.php"; require_once "./alfresco_sdk/remote/Alfresco/Service/Session.php"; require_once "./alfresco_sdk/remote/Alfresco/Service/SpacesStore.php"; require_once "./alfresco_sdk/remote/Alfresco/Service/ContentData.php"; } $repositoryUrl = "http://localhost:8080/alfresco/api"; $userName = … Read more