100 High-Quality Java Developers’ Blogs

The intent of this page is to collection the best 100 Java blogs and help programmers to find good blog posts to read. Some of these blogs may not be written by Java developers, but Java developers should find it useful or interesting. Reading those blogs should be fun and often bring some fresh ideas.

My definition of high quality is as follows:

  1. Articles are readable and have originality.
  2. Its author shows real interest in technology.
  3. It contains creative thinking from personal understanding.
  4. It should update regularly.

You can suggest a blog by posting a comment below. As this list is growing, please only provide good sites.

Note: the list is not ordered. That means clicking the first one or randomly picking one does not make any difference if you do not see their specific areas.

Name(Site/People) Country Specific Area
0 Code Search America #1 code search tool (Advertising)
1 Adam Bien Germany Java EE
2 Antonio Goncalves France Author of Java EE 7
3 Henrik Warne Sweden Thoughts on programming
4 Billy Yarosh America Coding Cures
5 Lars Vogel Germany Android and Eclipse
6 Peter Verhas Hungary Pure Java
7 Martin Fowler America Author, Speaker
8 Bozhidar Bozhanov Bulgaria Java EE
9 Richard Warburton UK Java 8 Lambdas
10 Bear Giles America Java EE
11 Marginally Interesting Germany Machine Learning
12 Pascal Alma America Java EE
13 Dror Helper America Consultant
14 Juri Strumpflohner Italy JavaScript
15 Reza Rahman America Java EE/Glassfish
16 Phil Whelan Canada Web
17 Brett Porter Australia Co-author of Apache Maven 2
18 Ben McCann America Co-founder at Connectifier
19 Java Posse America Some useful links
20 Mark Needham UK Data
21 Iris Shoor Israel Debug
22 Yifan Peng America Graduate Student
23 Nikita Salnikov Tarnovski Estonia Memory Leaks
24 Dustin Marx America Actual Events
25 Bart Bakker Netherland Agile
26 Gunnar Peipman America non-java
27 Dave Fecak America Job Tips for Programmers
28 JOOQ Switzerland SQL
29 Petri Kainulainen Finland Web
30 Informatech CR Costa Rica
31 Arun Gupta America Java EE
32 Mechanical Sympathy UK Performance
33 Extreme Enthusiasm Italy Agile
34 Steve Blank America Author of The Startup Owner's Manual
35 Oliver Gierke Germany SpringSource
36 Nicolas Fränkel Switzerland Java EE
37 Blaise Doughan America XML and JSON
38 Vlad Mihalcea Romania Software Integration
39 Kevin Lee Australia Web
40 Mikhail Vorontsov Australia Performance
41 Jakob Jenkov Denmark Software Architecture
42 Jim Weaver Rich Client Java
43 Jonathan Giles New Zealand Java FX
44 Stephen Chin America Java FX
45 Matt Raible America Open Source Frameworks
46 Peter Lawrey UK Core Java
47 Gregor Riegler Austria OO Design, XP
48 Jos Dirksen Netherlands SOA, HTML 5
49 Alexander J. Turner UK Information, News And Views
50 Java Advent
51 John Purcell Hungary Tutorials
52 Transylvania JUG UK
53 Java Roots Spring
54 Java Training Greece training
55 Allan Kelly UK Software
56 Samuel Santos Portugal Java EE
57 Steve Smith UK Agile
58 Niklas Schlimm Germany Multithreading
59 Shrutarshi Basu America PhD, Computer Science
60 Anton Arhipov Estonia Java EE
61 Charles Nutter America JVM
62 RedStack America SOA, JVM
63 James Bloom America JVM
64 Pierre-Hugues Charbonneau Canada Java EE
65 Eugen Paraschiv Romania Java Web
66 Wayne Beaton America Eclipse
67 Jeff Atwood America Stack Overflow
68 Stuart Marks America Oracle
69 Ben Stopford UK Data Platform
70 Aleksey Shipilëv Russia Java performance and concurrency
Program Creek America Deep Understanding of Java Core

Please leave your comment if you know some high quality Java blogs or find any errors in the list above. I will keep updating this list, but limit it up to 100! As this list is being read by thousands of people, if you don't want to be on the list, I can also take your blog off from the list.

* Sometimes it is not easy to find high-quality blogs by searching. Maybe because they don't do SEO or Google prefer larger sites. In contrast, there are a lot of sites that have a lot of visitors, but they may not have high quality. Therefore, a lot of blogs that Google ranks high will not appear in this list. This collection reflects my personal opinion. Not all links from comments will be added to the list.

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