Python types.DictProxyType() Examples

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Example #1
Source File:    From odoo-rpc-client with Mozilla Public License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
def __dir__(self):
            def get_attrs(obj):
                import types
                if not hasattr(obj, '__dict__'):
                    return []  # slots only
                if not isinstance(obj.__dict__, (dict, types.DictProxyType)):
                    raise TypeError("%s.__dict__ is not a dictionary"
                                    "" % obj.__name__)
                return obj.__dict__.keys()

            def dir2(obj):
                attrs = set()
                if not hasattr(obj, '__bases__'):
                    # obj is an instance
                    if not hasattr(obj, '__class__'):
                        # slots
                        return sorted(get_attrs(obj))
                    klass = obj.__class__
                    # obj is a class
                    klass = obj

                for cls in klass.__bases__:
                return list(attrs)

            return dir2(self) 
Example #2
Source File:    From zstack-utility with Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
def _is_unsupported_type(obj):
    return isinstance(obj, (types.ComplexType, types.TupleType, types.FunctionType, types.LambdaType,
                           types.GeneratorType, types.MethodType, types.UnboundMethodType, types.BuiltinFunctionType, types.BuiltinMethodType, types.FileType,
                           types.XRangeType, types.TracebackType, types.FrameType, types.DictProxyType, types.NotImplementedType, types.GetSetDescriptorType,