Java Code Examples for com.intellij.psi.PsiFile#getManager()

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Example 1
Source Project: consulo   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 6 votes vote down vote up
public static PsiFile setName(final PsiFile file, String newName) throws IncorrectOperationException {
  VirtualFile vFile = file.getViewProvider().getVirtualFile();
  PsiManagerImpl manager = (PsiManagerImpl)file.getManager();

    final FileType newFileType = FileTypeRegistry.getInstance().getFileTypeByFileName(newName);
    if (UnknownFileType.INSTANCE.equals(newFileType) || newFileType.isBinary()) {
      // before the file becomes unknown or a binary (thus, not openable in the editor), save it to prevent data loss
      final FileDocumentManager fdm = FileDocumentManager.getInstance();
      final Document doc = fdm.getCachedDocument(vFile);
      if (doc != null) {

    vFile.rename(manager, newName);
  catch(IOException e){
    throw new IncorrectOperationException(e);

  return file.getViewProvider().isPhysical() ? manager.findFile(vFile) : file;
Example 2
Source Project: consulo   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public final boolean isAvailable(@Nonnull Project project, Editor editor, PsiFile file) {
  if (file == null) return false;
  final PsiManager manager = file.getManager();
  if (manager == null) return false;
  if (!manager.isInProject(file)) return false;
  final PsiElement element = getElement(editor, file);
  return element != null && isAvailable(project, editor, element);
Example 3
Source Project: consulo   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
static PsiTreeChangeEventImpl createEvent(PsiFile file, int offset) {
  PsiTreeChangeEventImpl e = new PsiTreeChangeEventImpl(file.getManager());
  return e;
Example 4
Source Project: consulo   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public static void doDelete(final PsiFile file) throws IncorrectOperationException {
  final PsiManagerImpl manager = (PsiManagerImpl)file.getManager();

  final VirtualFile vFile = file.getVirtualFile();
  catch(IOException e){
    throw new IncorrectOperationException(e);
Example 5
public PsiElement getCustomDocumentationElement(@NotNull Editor editor, @NotNull PsiFile file,
    @Nullable PsiElement element) {
  if (element != null) {
    List<SuggestionNode> matchedNodesFromRootTillLeaf;
    boolean requestedForTargetValue = false;

    SuggestionService suggestionService =
        ServiceManager.getService(element.getProject(), SuggestionService.class);

    Project project = element.getProject();
    Module module = findModule(element);

    List<String> ancestralKeys = null;
    PsiElement elementContext = element.getContext();
    PsiElement context = elementContext;
    do {
      if (context instanceof YAMLKeyValue) {
        if (ancestralKeys == null) {
          ancestralKeys = new ArrayList<>();
        ancestralKeys.add(0, truncateIdeaDummyIdentifier(((YAMLKeyValue) context).getKeyText()));
      context = requireNonNull(context).getParent();
    } while (context != null);

    String value = null;
    if (elementContext instanceof YAMLKeyValue) {
      value = truncateIdeaDummyIdentifier(((YAMLKeyValue) elementContext).getKeyText());
      requestedForTargetValue = false;
    } else if (elementContext instanceof YAMLPlainTextImpl) {
      value = truncateIdeaDummyIdentifier(element.getText());
      requestedForTargetValue = true;

    if (ancestralKeys != null) {
      matchedNodesFromRootTillLeaf =
          suggestionService.findMatchedNodesRootTillEnd(project, module, ancestralKeys);
      if (matchedNodesFromRootTillLeaf != null) {
        SuggestionNode target =
            matchedNodesFromRootTillLeaf.get(matchedNodesFromRootTillLeaf.size() - 1);
        String targetNavigationPathDotDelimited =
   -> v.getNameForDocumentation(module))
        return new DocumentationProxyElement(file.getManager(), file.getLanguage(),
            targetNavigationPathDotDelimited, target, requestedForTargetValue, value);
  return super.getCustomDocumentationElement(editor, file, element);