Java Code Examples for com.intellij.psi.PsiFile#isEquivalentTo()

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Example 1
public boolean isInplaceRenameAvailable(@NotNull PsiElement element, PsiElement context) {
    PsiFile fileContext = BashPsiUtils.findFileContext(element);
    if (context == null || fileContext == null || !fileContext.isEquivalentTo(BashPsiUtils.findFileContext(context))) {
        return false;

    return (element instanceof BashVarDef) ||
            (element instanceof BashFunctionDef) ||
            (element instanceof BashVar) ||
            (element instanceof BashHereDocMarker) ||
            (element instanceof BashFileReference);
Example 2
Source Project: BashSupport   File:    License: Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
 * @return true if the definition of this variable is not child of a conditional command or loop.
public static boolean hasStaticVarDefPath(BashVar bashVar) {
    BashReference reference = bashVar.getNeighborhoodReference();
    if (reference == null) {
        return false;

    PsiElement closestDef = reference.resolve();
    if (closestDef == null) {
        return false;

    // if the closest def is in a different def scope, then we can't handle that
    // (e.g. var is top-level, def is in a function or var is in a function and def in another function, etc.)
    BashFunctionDef varScope = BashPsiUtils.findNextVarDefFunctionDefScope(bashVar);
    BashFunctionDef defScope = BashPsiUtils.findNextVarDefFunctionDefScope(closestDef);
    if (varScope == null && defScope != null) {
        return false;

    // we can't handle different functions as scope
    if (varScope != null && !varScope.isEquivalentTo(defScope)) {
        return false;

    // atm we can't handle different files
    PsiFile psiFile = bashVar.getContainingFile();
    if (varScope == null && !psiFile.isEquivalentTo(closestDef.getContainingFile())) {
        return false;

    Collection<BashVarDef> allDefs = StubIndex.getElements(BashVarDefIndex.KEY, bashVar.getReferenceName(), bashVar.getProject(), GlobalSearchScope.fileScope(psiFile), BashVarDef.class);
    for (BashVarDef candidateDef : allDefs) {

        // skip var defs which are not in our own def scope
        BashFunctionDef scope = BashPsiUtils.findNextVarDefFunctionDefScope(candidateDef);
        if (varScope != null && !varScope.isEquivalentTo(scope)) {

        // it's not a static path if the var def is in a conditional block or loop and if our var is not
        PsiElement parent = PsiTreeUtil.findFirstParent(candidateDef, psi -> psi instanceof BashConditionalBlock || psi instanceof BashLoop);
        if (parent != null && !PsiTreeUtil.isAncestor(parent, bashVar, true)) {
            return false;

    return true;