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Example 1
@Inject(method = "move", at = @At(value = "INVOKE", shift = At.Shift.BEFORE,
        target = "Ljava/util/List;size()I", ordinal = 4),locals = LocalCapture.CAPTURE_FAILHARD)
private void onMove(World world_1, BlockPos blockPos_1, Direction direction_1, boolean boolean_1,
                    CallbackInfoReturnable<Boolean> cir, BlockPos blockPos_2, PistonHandler pistonHandler_1, Map map_1,
                    List<BlockPos> list_1, List<BlockState> list_2, List list_3, int int_2, BlockState[] blockStates_1,
                    Direction direction_2)
    //Get the blockEntities and remove them from the world before any magic starts to happen
    if (CarpetSettings.movableBlockEntities)
        for (int i = 0; i < list_1.size(); ++i)
            BlockPos blockpos = list_1.get(i);
            BlockEntity blockEntity = (list_2.get(i).getBlock().hasBlockEntity()) ? world_1.getBlockEntity(blockpos) : null;
            if (blockEntity != null)
                //hopefully this call won't have any side effects in the future, such as dropping all the BlockEntity's items
                //we want to place this same(!) BlockEntity object into the world later when the movement stops again
Example 2
Source Project: multiconnect   File:    License: MIT License 4 votes vote down vote up
@Redirect(method = "setBlockState", at = @At(value = "INVOKE", target = "Lnet/minecraft/world/World;removeBlockEntity(Lnet/minecraft/util/math/BlockPos;)V"))
private void redirectRemoveBlockEntity(World world, BlockPos pos) {
    if (shouldReplaceBlockEntity)