Java Merge Two Directories to One

This is a method I write for merging two directories. The directory of second parameter will be moved to the first one, including files and directories.

package com.programcreek;
public class MergeTwoDirectories {
	public static void main(String[] args){
		String sourceDir1Path = "/home/programcreek/Desktop/d1";
		String sourceDir2Path = "/home/programcreek/Desktop/d2";
		File dir1 = new File(sourceDir1Path);
		File dir2 = new File(sourceDir2Path);
		mergeTwoDirectories(dir1, dir2);
	public static void mergeTwoDirectories(File dir1, File dir2){
		String targetDirPath = dir1.getAbsolutePath();
		File[] files = dir2.listFiles();
		for (File file : files) {
			file.renameTo(new File(targetDirPath+File.separator+file.getName()));
			System.out.println(file.getName() + " is moved!");


f1 is moved!
f2 is moved!
testdir is moved!

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