Java Code Examples for org.apache.commons.lang3.StringUtils#removeStartIgnoreCase()

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Example 1
Source File:    From bbs with GNU Affero General Public License v3.0 5 votes vote down vote up
 * 比较referer 和URI是否相同
 * @param request
 * @param uri 
public static boolean compare(HttpServletRequest request,String uri){
	String referer = request.getHeader("referer");
	String newReferer = StringUtils.removeStartIgnoreCase(referer,Configuration.getUrl(request));//移除开始部分的相同的字符,不区分大小写
	newReferer = StringUtils.substringBefore(newReferer, ".");//截取到等于第二个参数的字符串为止
	newReferer = StringUtils.substringBefore(newReferer, "?");//截取到等于第二个参数的字符串为止
		return true;
	return false;
Example 2
Source File:    From java-platform with Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public OauthUser getOauthUser(String accessToken) {
	Map<String, Object> parameterMap = new HashMap<>();
	parameterMap.put("access_token", accessToken);
	String responseString = get("", parameterMap);
	responseString = StringUtils.trim(responseString);
	responseString = StringUtils.removeStartIgnoreCase(responseString, "callback(");
	responseString = StringUtils.removeEndIgnoreCase(responseString, ");");
	JSONObject jsonObject = JSON.parseObject(responseString);

	String openid = jsonObject.getString("openid");
	OauthUser oauthUser = oauthUserService.findByOauthPluginIdAndUserId(getId(), openid);
	if (oauthUser == null) {
		Map<String, Object> apiMap = new HashMap<>();
		apiMap.put("access_token", accessToken);
		apiMap.put("oauth_consumer_key", jsonObject.getString("client_id"));
		apiMap.put("openid", openid);
		String apiString = get("", apiMap);
		JSONObject userObject = JSON.parseObject(apiString);

		oauthUser = oauthUserService.newEntity();

	return oauthUser;
Example 3
Source File:    From commons-configuration with Apache License 2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
public void setValue(final Object value) throws ConfigurationRuntimeException
        if (!(value instanceof String))
            this.value = value;
        final String val = (String) value;
        final String name = StringUtils.removeStartIgnoreCase(val, CLASS);
        final Class<?> clazz = ClassUtils.getClass(name);
        if (name.length() == val.length())
            this.value = clazz.newInstance();
            this.value = clazz;
    catch (final Exception e)
        throw new ConfigurationRuntimeException("Unable to create " + value, e);

Example 4
Source File:    From vscrawler with Apache License 2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
protected String handle(String input, String second) {
    return StringUtils.removeStartIgnoreCase(input, second);