Java Code Examples for java.sql.Connection.equals()

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Example 1
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 * Determine whether the given two Connections are equal, asking the target
 * Connection in case of a proxy. Used to detect equality even if the
 * user passed in a raw target Connection while the held one is a proxy.
 * @param conHolder the ConnectionHolder for the held Connection (potentially a proxy)
 * @param passedInCon the Connection passed-in by the user
 * (potentially a target Connection without proxy)
 * @return whether the given Connections are equal
 * @see #getTargetConnection
private static boolean connectionEquals(ConnectionHolder conHolder, Connection passedInCon) {
	if (!conHolder.hasConnection()) {
		return false;
	Connection heldCon = conHolder.getConnection();
	// Explicitly check for identity too: for Connection handles that do not implement
	// "equals" properly, such as the ones Commons DBCP exposes).
	return (heldCon == passedInCon || heldCon.equals(passedInCon) ||