Java Code Examples for com.esotericsoftware.kryo.Kryo.getRegistration()

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Example 1
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 * Register {@code type} and {@code serializer} to {@code kryo} instance.
 * @param kryo       Kryo instance
 * @param type       type to register
 * @param serializer Specific serializer to register or null to use default.
 * @param id         type registration id to use
private void register(Kryo kryo, Class<?> type, Serializer<?> serializer, int id) {
    Registration existing = kryo.getRegistration(id);
    if (existing != null) {
        if (existing.getType() != type) {
            log.error("{}: Failed to register {} as {}, {} was already registered.",
                      friendlyName(), type, id, existing.getType());

            throw new IllegalStateException(String.format(
                      "Failed to register %s as %s, %s was already registered.",
                      type, id, existing.getType()));
        // falling through to register call for now.
        // Consider skipping, if there's reasonable
        // way to compare serializer equivalence.
    Registration r;
    if (serializer == null) {
        r = kryo.register(type, id);
    } else {
        r = kryo.register(type, serializer, id);
    if (r.getId() != id) {
        log.warn("{}: {} already registed as {}. Skipping {}.",
                 friendlyName(), r.getType(), r.getId(), id);
    log.trace("{} registered as {}", r.getType(), r.getId());