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Example 1
Project: randomsheetmusic   Author: musescore   File:    MIT License 4 votes vote down vote up
def __deepcopy__(self, memo=None):
        Helper method to's deepcopy function.  Call it from there.

        memo=None is the default as specified in

        Problem: if an attribute is defined with an understscore (_priority) but
        is also made available through a property (e.g. priority)  using dir(self)
        results in the copy happening twice. Thus, __dict__.keys() is used.

        >>> from copy import deepcopy
        >>> from music21 import note, duration
        >>> n = note.Note('A')
        >>> n.offset = 1.0 #duration.Duration("quarter")
        >>> n.groups.append("flute")
        >>> n.groups

        >>> idN =
        >>> idN > 10000  # pointer
        >>> b = deepcopy(n)
        >>> b.offset = 2.0 #duration.Duration("half")

        >>> n is b
        >>> !=
        >>> n.accidental = "-"
        >>> n.offset
        >>> b.offset
        >>> n.groups[0] = "bassoon"
        >>> ("flute" in n.groups, "flute" in b.groups)
        (False, True)
        #environLocal.printDebug(['calling Music21Object.__deepcopy__', self])
        new = self._deepcopySubclassable(memo)
        # must do this after copying
        #environLocal.printDebug([self, 'end deepcopy', 'self._activeSite', self._activeSite])
        return new