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Example 1
Project: spark-mlpipeline-for-ctr   Author: chenxinye   File:    MIT License 5 votes vote down vote up
def rf_cv(self):
        """randomforest training
        if self.mode == 'fast':
            _numTrees = [round(i*len(self.fe_col)) for i in [2]]
            _maxDepth = [round(i*len(self.fe_col)) for i in [0.07]]
        elif self.mode == 'full':
            _numTrees = [round(i*len(self.fe_col)) for i in [2,3]]
            _maxDepth = [round(i*len(self.fe_col)) for i in [0.05,0.07]]
        RFclassifier = cl.RandomForestClassifier(
            featuresCol = 'features'
        grid = tune.ParamGridBuilder().addGrid(
                                RFclassifier.numTrees, _numTrees
                                RFclassifier.maxDepth, _maxDepth

        tvs = tune.TrainValidationSplit(
            estimator = RFclassifier,
            estimatorParamMaps = grid, 
            evaluator = self.evaluator
        self.rfModel =
        self.rf_cv_results = self.rfModel.transform(self.test_data)
        self.rfscore = self.evaluator.evaluate(self.rf_cv_results, {self.evaluator.metricName: 'areaUnderROC'})
        if self.verbose:
            print("AUC score is:", self.rfscore)
            #print("Area Under PR is:",self.evaluator.evaluate(self.rf_cv_results, {self.evaluator.metricName: 'areaUnderPR'}))