Python nltk.classify.accuracy() Examples

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Example #1
Source Project: Mastering-Machine-Learning-for-Penetration-Testing   Author: PacktPublishing   File:    License: MIT License 6 votes vote down vote up
def evaluate(training, tesing, classifier):
  print ('Training Accuracy is ' + str(classify.accuracy(classifier,train_set)))
  print ('Testing Accuracy i ' + str(classify.accuracy(classifier,test_set))) 
Example #2
Source Project: luscan-devel   Author: blackye   File:    License: GNU General Public License v2.0 5 votes vote down vote up
def demo():

    def gender_features(word):
        return {'last_letter': word[-1], 'penultimate_letter': word[-2]}

    from nltk.classify import accuracy
    from nltk.corpus import names

    import random
    names = ([(name, 'male') for name in names.words('male.txt')] +
             [(name, 'female') for name in names.words('female.txt')])
    import random

    featuresets = [(gender_features(n), g) for (n,g) in names]
    train_set, test_set = featuresets[500:], featuresets[:500]

    print '--- nltk.classify.svm demo ---'
    print 'Number of training examples:', len(train_set)
    classifier = SvmClassifier.train(train_set)
    print 'Total SVM dimensions:', len(classifier._svmfeatureindex)
    print 'Label mapping:', classifier._labelmapping
    print '--- Processing an example instance ---'
    print 'Reference instance:', names[0]
    print 'NLTK-format features:\n    ' + str(test_set[0])
    print 'SVMlight-format features:\n    ' + str(map_instance_to_svm(test_set[0], classifier._labelmapping, classifier._svmfeatureindex))
    distr = classifier.prob_classify(test_set[0][0])
    print 'Instance classification and confidence:', distr.max(), distr.prob(distr.max())
    print '--- Measuring classifier performance ---'
    print 'Overall accuracy:', accuracy(classifier, test_set)