Python pandas.core.frame.DataFrame.from_csv() Examples

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Example #1
Source Project: Computable   Author: ktraunmueller   File:    License: MIT License 5 votes vote down vote up
def from_csv(cls, path, sep=',', parse_dates=True, header=None,
                 index_col=0, encoding=None, infer_datetime_format=False):
        Read delimited file into Series

        path : string file path or file handle / StringIO
        sep : string, default ','
            Field delimiter
        parse_dates : boolean, default True
            Parse dates. Different default from read_table
        header : int, default 0
            Row to use at header (skip prior rows)
        index_col : int or sequence, default 0
            Column to use for index. If a sequence is given, a MultiIndex
            is used. Different default from read_table
        encoding : string, optional
            a string representing the encoding to use if the contents are
            non-ascii, for python versions prior to 3
        infer_datetime_format: boolean, default False
            If True and `parse_dates` is True for a column, try to infer the
            datetime format based on the first datetime string. If the format
            can be inferred, there often will be a large parsing speed-up.

        y : Series
        from pandas.core.frame import DataFrame
        df = DataFrame.from_csv(path, header=header, index_col=index_col,
                                sep=sep, parse_dates=parse_dates,
        result = df.icol(0) = = None
        return result