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Example 1
Project: pynoddy   Author: cgre-aachen   File:    License: GNU General Public License v2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
def build_edge_colormaps(self):
        Builds a colormap for each group of edges passed.
        The self.edge_colormap dict should have the following structure:
         { 'group_name' : {e1 : 'r', e2 : 0.4, e3: 0.2, cm=cm.Blues}, 'grp2' : 
         {e4 : 0.2, e5: 30, e6: 10, 'cm' : 'alpha', color' : 'r'}}
        import matplotlib.colors as cols
        if self.edge_colormap is None:
            self.edge_colormap = {}
        for group, edge_list in self.edges.iteritems():
            if not self.edge_colormap.has_key(group):
                self.edge_colormap[group] = {} #init group
            #get colormap
            c_map = self.edge_colormap[group].get('cm',cm.Blues)
            #calculate  value range
                minv = float(min ( [ v for v in self.edge_colormap[group].values()  if isinstance(v, numbers.Number)] ))
                maxv = float(max ( [ v for v in self.edge_colormap[group].values() if isinstance(v, numbers.Number)] ))
            except ValueError: #empty sequence
            for e in edge_list: #loop through edges in this group
                v = self.edge_colormap[group].get(e, 'b') #get color. default is blue.
                if isinstance(v, numbers.Number): #if value is a number (we need to use colour ramp)
                    if c_map == 'alpha': #map values to alpha
                        if not maxv == minv:
                            alpha = (v - minv) / (maxv - minv)
                            color = self.edge_colormap[group].get('color','b')
                            alpha = 0.6
                            color = self.edge_colormap[group].get('color','b')
                        rgb = cols.colorConverter.to_rgb(color)
                        self.edge_colormap[group][e] = rgb + (alpha,)
                    else: #use defined colormap
                        self.edge_colormap[group][e] = c_map( (v - minv) / (maxv - minv) )
                    #set default alpha to 0.6
                    rgb = cols.colorConverter.to_rgb(v)
                    self.edge_colormap[group][e] = rgb + (0.6,)