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Example 1
Project: allesfitter   Author: MNGuenther   File:    License: MIT License 6 votes vote down vote up
def get_cmap( cmap, name=None, n=256 ):
    """ in: a name "Blues" "BuGn_r" ... of a builtin cmap (case-sensitive)
        or a filename, np.loadtxt() n x 3 or 4  ints 0..255 or floats 0..1
        or a cmap already
        or a numpy array.
        or in IPython,<tab>
    if isinstance( cmap, colors.Colormap ):
        return cmap
    if isinstance( cmap, str ):
        if cmap in cm.cmap_d:
            return pl.get_cmap( cmap )  # "Blues" ...
        A = np.loadtxt( cmap, delimiter=None )  # None: white space
        name = name or cmap.split("/")[-1] .split(".")[0]  # .../xx.csv -> xx
        A = cmap  # numpy array or array-like
    return array_cmap( A, name, n=n ) 
Example 2
Project: holoviews   Author: holoviz   File:    License: BSD 3-Clause "New" or "Revised" License 4 votes vote down vote up
def _list_cmaps(provider=None, records=False):
    List available colormaps by combining matplotlib, bokeh, and
    colorcet colormaps or palettes if available. May also be
    narrowed down to a particular provider or list of providers.
    if provider is None:
        provider = providers
    elif isinstance(provider, basestring):
        if provider not in providers:
            raise ValueError('Colormap provider %r not recognized, must '
                             'be one of %r' % (provider, providers))
        provider = [provider]

    cmaps = []

    def info(provider,names):
        return [CMapInfo(name=n,provider=provider,category=None,source=None,bg=None) for n in names] \
               if records else list(names)

    if 'matplotlib' in provider:
            import as cm
            cmaps += info('matplotlib',
                          [cmap for cmap in cm.cmap_d if not
                           (cmap.startswith('cet_') or      # duplicates list below
                            cmap.startswith('Vega') or      # deprecated in matplotlib=2.1
                            cmap.startswith('spectral') )]) # deprecated in matplotlib=2.1
    if 'bokeh' in provider:
            from bokeh import palettes
            cmaps += info('bokeh', palettes.all_palettes)
            cmaps += info('bokeh', [p+'_r' for p in palettes.all_palettes])
    if 'colorcet' in provider:
            from colorcet import palette_n, glasbey_hv
            cet_maps = palette_n.copy()
            cet_maps['glasbey_hv'] = glasbey_hv # Add special hv-specific map
            cmaps += info('colorcet', cet_maps) 
            cmaps += info('colorcet', [p+'_r' for p in cet_maps])
    return sorted(unique_iterator(cmaps))