Python requests.compat() Examples

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Example #1
Source File:    From intake with BSD 2-Clause "Simplified" License 4 votes vote down vote up
def open_remote(url, entry, container, user_parameters, description, http_args,
                page_size=None, auth=None, getenv=None, getshell=None):
    """Create either local direct data source or remote streamed source"""
    from intake.container import container_map
    import msgpack
    import requests
    from requests.compat import urljoin

    if url.startswith('intake://'):
        url = url[len('intake://'):]
    payload = dict(action='open',
    req =, '/v1/source'),
                        data=msgpack.packb(payload, **pack_kwargs),
    if req.ok:
        response = msgpack.unpackb(req.content, **unpack_kwargs)

        if 'plugin' in response:
            pl = response['plugin']
            pl = [pl] if isinstance(pl, str) else pl
            # Direct access
            for p in pl:
                if p in plugin_registry:
                    source = plugin_registry[p](**response['args'])
                    proxy = False
                proxy = True
            proxy = True
        if proxy:
            response.update({'name': entry, 'parameters': user_parameters})
            if container == 'catalog':
                response.update({'auth': auth,
                                 'getenv': getenv,
                                 'getshell': getshell,
                                 'page_size': page_size
                                 # TODO ttl?
                                 # TODO storage_options?
            source = container_map[container](url, http_args, **response)
        source.description = description
        return source

        raise Exception('Server error: %d, %s' % (req.status_code, req.reason))