Python django.db.migrations.swappable_dependency() Examples

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Example #1
Source File:    From django-swappable-models with MIT License 5 votes vote down vote up
def dependency(app_label, model):
    Returns a Django 1.7+ style dependency tuple for inclusion in
    from django.db.migrations import swappable_dependency
    return swappable_dependency(get_model_name(app_label, model)) 
Example #2
Source File:    From GTDWeb with GNU General Public License v2.0 4 votes vote down vote up
def as_string(self):
        Returns a string of the file contents.
        items = {
            "replaces_str": "",

        imports = set()

        # Deconstruct operations
        operations = []
        for operation in self.migration.operations:
            operation_string, operation_imports = OperationWriter(operation).serialize()
        items["operations"] = "\n".join(operations) + "\n" if operations else ""

        # Format dependencies and write out swappable dependencies right
        dependencies = []
        for dependency in self.migration.dependencies:
            if dependency[0] == "__setting__":
                dependencies.append("        migrations.swappable_dependency(settings.%s)," % dependency[1])
                imports.add("from django.conf import settings")
                # No need to output bytestrings for dependencies
                dependency = tuple(force_text(s) for s in dependency)
                dependencies.append("        %s," % self.serialize(dependency)[0])
        items["dependencies"] = "\n".join(dependencies) + "\n" if dependencies else ""

        # Format imports nicely, swapping imports of functions from migration files
        # for comments
        migration_imports = set()
        for line in list(imports):
            if re.match("^import (.*)\.\d+[^\s]*$", line):
                self.needs_manual_porting = True
        imports.discard("from django.db import models")
        items["imports"] = "\n".join(imports) + "\n" if imports else ""
        if migration_imports:
            items["imports"] += (
                "\n\n# Functions from the following migrations need manual "
                "copying.\n# Move them and any dependencies into this file, "
                "then update the\n# RunPython operations to refer to the local "
                "versions:\n# %s"
            ) % "\n# ".join(migration_imports)
        # If there's a replaces, make a string for it
        if self.migration.replaces:
            items['replaces_str'] = "\n    replaces = %s\n" % self.serialize(self.migration.replaces)[0]

        return (MIGRATION_TEMPLATE % items).encode("utf8")