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A simple and easy to use yet configurable todo app.

todx screenshot


To install the program run

$ pip install todx

If you are using Ubuntu run this instead:

$ pip3 install todx

To check whether the installation was successful run:

$ todx -v

This should output something like TodX vX.X.X depending on your version number

Troubleshoot Error

One of the reason of the error might be that your .local/bin directory is not in path

You may troubleshoot this error by running the following commands:

$ echo "export $PATH=~/.local/bin:$PATH" >> ~/.bashrc

And then run

$ source .bashrc
$ todx -v


You can add todos using the todx add command:

$ todx add Make me a sandwich

You can mark a todo using todx mark command:

$ todx mark
0 ☐  Make a great website

Which todo you want to mark: 0
What is your new status: v

To see todos you just need to run the todx command:

$ todx
☐  Make me a sandwich

To view todos that you that you have already marked also, run todx view.

There are only few characters that are recognized as a completed todo, they given below:

Character Representation

You can remove a todo using todx del command (It works similar to todx mark).

You can use tags for todos, Just add a + before your work to add it to a todo.

$ todx add Make a python script to fetch data +project

To view todos of current tags use todx +tagname

A detailed blogpost covering the use is at :


Contributions are welcomed, any bug fixes or new feature is great.

Contribution Guidelines