Waspy is the python framework for the WASP project. In other words its an asynchronous "transport-agnostic" web framework.

Language agnostic concepts

While this framework is for python, the patterns used in wasp are language agnostic. You should be able to call other services in different languages assuming they all follow the same patterns. This framework has a pluggable architecture for the transport layer, which allows you to switch from http to using a message bus, or vice-versa. You could even listen on both at the same time without having to modify your code at all.


Look at examples/ folder for some quick examples, or there is an entire example repo at https://github.com/wasp/waspy-example


This project is currently in alpha state. There are a lot of features missing.

Features for beta:

note: all alpha features are complete, but I am still in the process of adding more robusts tests. Until that is done, waspy will remain in alpha and api's might change.

Wish List:

Features for GA (1.0):




To install, just run pip install waspy


python setup.py develop