An extension for Wagtail allowing pages to be submitted for review (including to non-Wagtail users) prior to publication.

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Django 2.2 or higher Wagtail 2.6 or higher


Install the package from PyPI:

pip install wagtail-review

Add to your project's INSTALLED_APPS:


Add to your project's URL config:

from wagtail_review import urls as wagtailreview_urls

# Somewhere above the include(wagtail_urls) line:
    url(r'^review/', include(wagtailreview_urls)),

Add a {% wagtailreview %} tag to your project's base template(s), towards the bottom of the document <body>:

{% load wagtailreview_tags %}

{% wagtailreview %}

Then in your project's page templates add a data-contentpath-field attribute in each tag that surrounds a text field that you would like to allow comments on.

{% block content %}

    <h1 data-contentpath-field="title">{{ page.title }}</h1>

    <p data-contentpath-field="intro">{{ page.intro }}</p>

    <div data-contentpath-field="body">{{ page.body }}</p>

{% endblock %}

Custom notification emails

To customise the notification email sent to reviewers, override the templates wagtail_review/email/request_review_subject.txt (for the subject line) and wagtail_review/email/request_review.txt (for the email content). This needs to be done in an app which appears above wagtail_review in the INSTALLED_APPS list.

The following context variables are available within the templates:

To customise the notification email sent to the review submitter when a reviewer responds, override the templates wagtail_review/email/response_received_subject.txt (for the subject line) and wagtail_review/email/response_received.txt (for the email content). The following context variables are available: