Jacinle is a personal python toolbox developed by Jiayuan Mao. It contains a range of utility functions for python development, including project configuration, file IO, image processing, inter-process communication, etc.

Installation and Usage

Step 1: clone the Jacinle package, and add the bin path to your PATH environment.

git clone https://github.com/vacancy/Jacinle --recursive
export PATH=<path_to_jacinle>/bin:$PATH

Step 2: install the required third-party packages, see requirements.txt for a list.

Step 3: you are all set. Use jac-run xxx.py to replace python3 xxx.py. You can also use the jac-crun <gpu_ids> xxx.py to set the gpus you want to use. Here, <gpu_ids> is a comma-separated list of gpu ids, following the convension of CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES.

Advanced Usage