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Welcome to my source code 🙈
I'm written in python.

What is GROOT?

GROOT is a virtual assistant which generally functions for voice recognition.

What GROOT can do?

A virtual assistant basically functions to recognize voice of a person and then implement it. Functions of GROOT are-

How to Contribute to GROOT?

To contribute to GROOT,
Go to the following repository

Feel free to open an issue or recommend any changes which you want to see in the website. Adhere to the guidelines mentioned below if you want to contribute.



Clone the repository. Then, follow the installation steps to talk GROOT.

How to run GROOT?

The source code of GROOT is written in python.

Create a Virtual Environment(python --version 3.6 required)

virtualenv -p python3.6 VENV_NAME

Activate the venv

Windows: VENV_NAME/Scripts/activate

Linux: source VENV_NAME/bin/activate

Mac: source VENV_NAME/bin/activate

For linux users

sudo apt-get install python3.6-dev python3.6-tk

Install dependencies

pip install -r requirements/requirements[mac/linux/win]

TODO list-

Enjoy talking GROOT

python base.py

To use microphone in linux unmute all channels by opening Alsamixer