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OpenNRE is an open-source and extensible toolkit that provides a unified framework to implement relation extraction models. This package is designed for the following groups:

This package is mainly contributed by Tianyu Gao, Xu Han, Shulian Cao, Lumin Tang, Yankai Lin, Zhiyuan Liu

What is Relation Extraction

Relation extraction is a natural language processing (NLP) task aiming at extracting relations (e.g., founder of) between entities (e.g., Bill Gates and Microsoft). For example, from the sentence Bill Gates founded Microsoft, we can extract the relation triple (Bill Gates, founder of, Microsoft).

Relation extraction is a crucial technique in automatic knowledge graph construction. By using relation extraction, we can accumulatively extract new relation facts and expand the knowledge graph, which, as a way for machines to understand the human world, has many downstream applications like question answering, recommender system and search engine.

How to Cite

A good research work is always accompanied by a thorough and faithful reference. If you use or extend our work, please cite the following paper:

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It's our honor to help you better explore relation extraction with our OpenNRE toolkit!

Papers and Document

If you want to learn more about neural relation extraction, visit another project of ours (NREPapers).

You can refer to our document for more details about this project.


Install as A Python Package

We are now working on deploy OpenNRE as a Python package. Coming soon!

Using Git Repository

Clone the repository from our github page (don't forget to star us!)

git clone

If it is too slow, you can try

git clone --depth 1

Then install all the requirements:

pip install -r requirements.txt

Then install the package with

python install 

If you also want to modify the code, run this:

python develop

Note that we have excluded all data and pretrain files for fast deployment. You can manually download them by running scripts in the benchmark and pretrain folders. For example, if you want to download FewRel dataset, you can run

bash benchmark/

Easy Start

Add OpenNRE directory to the PYTHONPATH environment variable, or open a python session under the OpenNRE folder. Then import our package and load pre-trained models.

>>> import opennre
>>> model = opennre.get_model('wiki80_cnn_softmax')

Note that it may take a few minutes to download checkpoint and data for the first time. Then use infer to do sentence-level relation extraction

>>> model.infer({'text': 'He was the son of Máel Dúin mac Máele Fithrich, and grandson of the high king Áed Uaridnach (died 612).', 'h': {'pos': (18, 46)}, 't': {'pos': (78, 91)}})
('father', 0.5108704566955566)

You will get the relation result and its confidence score.

For higher-level usage, you can refer to our document.

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