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TaTk is an open-source task-oriented dialog system toolkits developed by Tsinghua University Conversational AI group (THU-coai). We provide several models for each module in dialog system, as well as some joint models and end-to-end models. It's easy to combine the modules to build a dialog system and replace some modules with yours to evaluate them in system level. Further more, user simulator (policy for user agent) is provided for system policy training. Our unified agent definition also supports symmetric agents for negotiation dialog and multiple agents for multiparty dialog.

Features included:

This project is a part of dialtk (Toolkits for Dialog System by Tsinghua University), you can follow dialtk or tatk on our home page. Some code are shared with Convlab.


Require python 3.6.

Clone this repository:

git clone https://github.com/thu-coai/tatk.git

Install tatk via pip:

cd tatk
pip install -e .


Tutorials are under tutorials directory. You can also view it on dialtk/tatk.


Our documents are on https://thu-coai.github.io/tatk_docs/.


We provide following models:

For more details about these models, You can refer to README.md under tatk/$module/$model/$dataset dir such as tatk/nlu/bert/multiwoz/README.md.

Supported Dataset


You are welcome to create an issue if you want to request a feature, report a bug or ask a general question.


We welcome contributions from community.


tatk is maintained and developed by Tsinghua university conversational AI group (THU-coai). Check our main pages (In Chinese).


Apache License 2.0