This project is an repository for open source Addon scripts, plugins, and skins for Kodi Media Center. Specially for Chinese Language speaking people.

How To Use

Install Repository

To install the repository, you need to download the latest repository zip file

And then:

For proper Chinese text display on xbmc, do the following steps:

Install Add-ons


Video Add-ons

Note: PPS影音( and PPS网络电视(PPStream)

Both use pps4xbmc to access PPStream player and is not compatible with ppstream version 3 and above. Please install an earlier version 2.7.x; and may download from the links below:

PPS网络电视(PPStream) can playback without pps4xbmc by DE-SELECT "Use PPStream Player" in Add-on settings

Music Add-ons

Program Add-ons

Subtitle Add-ons

TV Scraper Add-ons

Plugins Manual Installation

If for reasons that you need to manually install a specific plugin, you can download the required zip file from the corresponding ./repo sub-directory. Then follow the Install Repository steps described above to install the zip plugin.