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A set of Data analysis tools in pYTHON 3.x.

Dython was designed with analysis usage in mind - meaning ease-of-use, functionality and readability are the core values of this library. Production-grade performance, on the other hand, were not considered.


Modules documentation can be found on shakedzy.xyz/dython


Dython can be installed directly using pip:

pip install dython

If you wish to install from source:

pip install git+https://github.com/shakedzy/dython.git

Dependencies: numpy, pandas, seaborn, scipy, matplotlib, sklearn


Contributions are always welcomed - if you found something you can fix, or have an idea for a new feature, feel free to write it and open a pull request. Please make sure to go over the contributions guidelines.

Change log:

Change log is available, see CHANGELOG.md.

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