Industry Scale SDX Controller (iSDX)

Installation: Vagrant Setup


To get started install these softwares on your host machine:

  1. Install Vagrant, it is a wrapper around virtualization softwares like VirtualBox, VMWare etc.:

  2. Install VirtualBox, this would be your VM provider:

  3. Install Git, it is a distributed version control system:

  4. Install X Server and SSH capable terminal

    • For Windows install Xming and Putty.
    • For MAC OS install XQuartz and (builtin)
    • Linux comes pre-installed with X server and Gnome terminal + SSH (buitlin)


The provisioning scripts will install all the required software (and their dependencies) to run the SDX demo. Specifically it will install:


Run the different setups provided in the examples directory. Check out the test-ms example for a simple case with three IXP participants. Or, look at the test directory to experiment with the testing framework.

Directory Structure

The top level directories are:

Running iSDX with Hardware Switches

Most of the examples on this site use Mininet as the underlying network.

Here is an example of iSDX running on hardware switches.