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This is a simple client for the figshare API in python. Currently very much a work-in-progress. The relatively annoying handling of the OAuth back and forth is implemented using requests-oauthlib. Currently the following actions are implemented:

The API supports quite a few more actions which haven't been implemented yet. I'm happy to merge PRs!


$ figshare list_articles
Met-enkephalin MD Trajectories
article_id: 1026324
description: Ten ~50 ns molecular dynamics (MD) simulation
trajectories of the 5 residue Met-enkaphalin peptide. The aggregate
sampling is499.58 ns.Simulations were performed starting from the 1st...
    1plx.pdb            6 KB        file_id: 1497161
    trajectory_1.dcd            9.35 MB     file_id: 1497162
    trajectory_0.dcd            9.33 MB     file_id: 1497163
    trajectory_3.dcd            9.34 MB     file_id: 1497164
    trajectory_2.dcd            9.34 MB     file_id: 1497165
    trajectory_4.dcd            9.33 MB     file_id: 1497166
    trajectory_5.dcd            9.35 MB     file_id: 1497167
    trajectory_6.dcd            9.32 MB     file_id: 1497168
    trajectory_8.dcd            9.33 MB     file_id: 1497169
    trajectory_7.dcd            9.36 MB     file_id: 1497170
    trajectory_9.dcd            9.34 MB     file_id: 1497171
total size: 93.39 MB

$ figshare upload_file --article_id 1030329 --file ../1xd3/
{u'extension': u'py',
 u'id': 1502207,
 u'mime_type': u'text/x-python',
 u'name': u'',
 u'size': u'1 KB'}

$ figshare delete_file --article_id 1030329 --file_id 1502207
{u'success': u'Link to  deleted'}


No frills. pip install figshare. Or clone from github and python install.


Python 2.6, 2.7 or 3.2+. The packages requests_oauthlib, and six are required. Get them with pip install -r requirements.txt