SpaceX Launch Bot

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A Discord bot for getting news, information, and notifications about upcoming SpaceX launches. The notification service updates you with the latest launch information and reminders for launches that will be happening soon.


Command Description Permissions needed
slb nextlaunch Send the latest launch information message to the current channel None
slb addchannel Add the current channel to the notification service Admin
slb removechannel Remove the current channel from the notification service Admin
slb setmentions @mention Set roles/users to be mentioned when a "launching soon" message is sent. Can be formatted with multiple mentions in any order, like this: slb setmentions @role1 @user1 @here. Calling setmentions multiple times will not stack the mentions, it will just overwrite your previous mentions Admin
slb removementions Remove all mentions set for the current guild Admin
slb getmentions Show the mentions you have set for "launching soon" notifications Admin
slb info Send information about the bot to the current channel None
slb help List these commands None


The slb addchannel command allows admins to "subscribe" text channels to the bots notification service. This will send the subscribed channel different types of messages, which are explained below.



New Features

See the Github project page for planned updates.

If you want to request a feature, open an issue.