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Preparation of InSAR surface displacement maps for geophysical modelling


This framework is streamlining InSAR displacement processing routines for earthquake inversion through Pyrocko and Grond.

Kite features simple and efficient handling of displacement data:


Recommended citation for Kite

Isken, Marius; Sudhaus, Henriette; Heimann, Sebastian; Steinberg, Andreas; Daout, Simon; Vasyura-Bathke, Hannes (2017): Kite - Software for Rapid Earthquake Source Optimisation from InSAR Surface Displacement. V. 0.1. GFZ Data Services.



Find the documentation at

Short Example

from kite import Scene

# Import Matlab container to kite
scene = Scene.load('SNAP_data/')
scene.spool()  # start the GUI for data inspection and Quadtree parametrisation

Visual parametrisation of the quadtree and spatial covariance for SLC and InSAR time-series.

L'Aquila earthquake unwrapped displacement data

Installation and Requirement

Requires libraries

Installation on Debian based distributions through apt

sudo apt-get install python-pyside python-pyside.qtcore python-pyside.qtopengl\
  python-yaml python-scipy python-numpy

Installation through pip

sudo pip install git+
sudo pip install git+

Native installation

git clone
cd pyqtgraph; sudo python install
git clone
cd kite; sudo python install