Real-time object access notifications via Pusher.


Install django-pusherable:

pip install django-pusherable


Then add pusherable to your INSTALLED_APPS. You will also need to add your Pusher app credentials to These are available on your app keys page:



To begin receiving notifications about an object use the mixins:

from pusherable.mixins import PusherDetailMixin, PusherUpdateMixin

class PostDetail(PusherDetailMixin, DetailView):
    model = Post

class PostUpdate(PusherUpdateMixin, UpdateView):
    model = Post
    form_class = PostUpdateForm

When the view is accessed it will send an event on the channel modelname_pk which contains a JSON representation of the object (model instance) being accessed as well as the user.

The data will be in the form:

  "object": {
    "question": "What's up?",
    "pub_date": "2013-08-08T11:16:24",
    "id": 1
  "user": "admin"

Which fields are included and excluded within the object is configurable via pusher_include_model_fields and pusher_exclude_model_fields. For example, the following would exclude the pub_date from the event payload:

class PostUpdate(PusherUpdateMixin, UpdateView):
    model = Post
    form_class = PostUpdateForm
    pusher_exclude_model_fields = 'pub_date'

Template tags

To subscribe to these events on your page you can use the templatetags:

{% load pusherable_tags %}

{% pusherable_script %}

The pusherable_script tag will include the Pusher library. Place this in the head of your page:

{% pusherable_subscribe 'update' object %}

The pusherable_subscribe tag will begin subscribe you to the channel for the object. The first argument is the type of event you want to subscribe to. The default events are update and view.

When a new event is received it will pass event type and data to a Javascript function called pusherable_notify. Create this function and use it to alert your users to the new event. For example:

    function pusherable_notify(event, data) {
        alert(data.user + "has begun to " + event + " " + data.model);

Running Tests

Pusherable comes with test requirements and a test runner:

pip install -r requirements-test.txt


django-pusherable was built by Aaron Bassett for Pusher.