This is a sandbox project. Prototyping and experimenting with embedding Servo.


Full UI

A regular browser user interface (only available for MacOS for now).

Full UI

Mini UI

Same features as a Full UI, just no widgets. Tabs are displayed in the titlebar as text.

Mini UI


There are 2 versions of the UI:

  1. Full UI: Tabs + urlbar interface. Cocoa based (only MacOS).
  2. Mini UI: No visual controls. Driven by keybindings (Windows, Linux, Mac).

The minimal UI can be compiled on MacOS with --features=force-glutin.

Linux and Mac

  1. rustup install `cat rust-toolchain`
  2. cargo build --release
  3. cargo run --release


Make sure you installed all the dependencies necessary to build Servo.

  1. mach build -r
  2. mach run -r

How to update Servo

  1. change rev in Cargo.toml
  2. copy rust-toolchain to servoshell/rust-toolchain
  3. copy servo/Cargo.lock to servoshell/Cargo.lock
  4. copy servo/resources to servoshell/servo_resources


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