Face classification and detection.

Real-time face detection and emotion/gender classification using fer2013/IMDB datasets with a keras CNN model and openCV.

For more information please consult the publication

Emotion/gender examples:

alt tag

Guided back-prop alt tag

Real-time demo:

B-IT-BOTS robotics team :) alt tag


Run real-time emotion demo:

python3 video_emotion_color_demo.py

Run real-time guided back-prop demo:

python3 image_gradcam_demo.py

Make inference on single images:

python3 image_emotion_gender_demo.py


python3 image_emotion_gender_demo.py ../images/test_image.jpg

Running with Docker

With a few steps one can get its own face classification and detection running. Follow the commands below:

To train previous/new models for emotion classification:

To train previous/new models for gender classification: