Most everything needed for your heater-system to be shown at your 'hometop' -> pimp your heater.

This project is limited to recording/controlling and presentation of heating and solar informations. Currently only heater-systems from german manufacturer: Junkers and system-bus: Heatronic/EMS2 (c) are supported.


This repo can not fulfill all wishes you could have to your 'hometop'. Each has his ideas such as the 'home' can be 'Top'. The presentation of informations from the own 'home' with it's heater-system is what this repo will do. Other projects are working too on this item, example: FHEM

This repo was started creating some different boards for the RaspberryPi(c).
The table shows the currently available boards:

Board-name function remark
HT3_Mini_Adapter receiving Bus - data for RaspberryPi, see: Mini-Adapter
HT3_Micro_Adapter receiving Bus - data any USB-hoster, see: Micro-Adapter
ht_piduino transmit- and receiving Bus - data for RaspberryPi, see: ht_piduino
ht_pitiny transmit- and receiving Bus - data for RaspberryPi, see: ht_piduino
ht_motherboard usb-interface for above boards see: ht_motherboard

The software is written in python and designed for detection, decoding and controlling of HT - busdata with following features:

Modul-name function remark
create_databases.py tool for creating databases: sqlite and rrdtool. configureable
HT3_Analyser.py GUI for system-data and raw-hexdump of decoded ht - busdata configureable, default running as ht_proxy.client
HT3_Systemstatus.py GUI to show system-data only configureable, default running as ht_proxy.client
HT3_Logger.py Running as daemon without GUI is replaced with ht_collgate - daemon configureable, default running as ht_proxy.client
ht_collgate.py Running as daemon starting interfaces for ht_data decoding, mqtt-IF and/or SPS-IF, running without GUI configureable, default running as ht_proxy.client and sqlite = Off; rrdtool = On, mqtt_IF = Off, SPS_IF = Off.
ht_proxy.py ht-server to collect data from serial port and supporting connected clients with raw - busdata configureable, default accepting any client
ht_netclient.py ht-client sending commands to the heater-bus configureable, default connecting to 'localhost'
ht_binlogclient.py ht-client acts as logger of binary ht - busdata configureable, default connecting to 'localhost'
ht_client_example.py ht-client acts as example for your one ht-client configureable, default connecting to 'localhost'
~/HT3/sw/etc/upgrade_rrdtool_db/ upgrade tool for upgrading your old rrdtool - database to release:0.2 read the 'readme_add_ds_2_rrd.txt' at first.

For project - details see the documentation (folder: ~/HT3/docu ) and the following links:

The current software can be found in subfolders: ~/HT3/sw/...
Any hardware informations are in subfolders: ~/HT3/hw/...

The software is still under development, but any official release should be runable 'out of the box' under Linux.
For Windows some improvements are required and will be done in the future.

If you have got any problems with hard- or software, let me know.
Also your support with binary - logfiles is good to have for further development.

Thank's to all supporting me, in the past and future.
We all want to have the right thing in the right time.

Importent notes:

The reproduction and the commissioning of the adaptations is at your own risk and the description and software do not claim to be complete. A change of software modules and hardware descriptions at any time is possible without notice. Warranty, liability and claims by malfunction of heating or adaptation are hereby expressly excluded.

Wichtiger Hinweis:

Der Nachbau und die Inbetriebnahme der Adaptionen ist auf eigene Gefahr und die Beschreibung und die Software erheben nicht den Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Eine Änderung an Software-Modulen und Hardware-Beschreibungen ist jederzeit ohne Vorankündigung möglich. Gewährleistung, Haftung und Ansprüche durch Fehlfunktionen an Heizung oder Adaption sind hiermit ausdrücklich ausgeschlossen.