A Deep-Learning Based AI for Path of Exile

See my blog series for more details on the individual components.


The class that contains the main bot loop.


A class to help with debugging the main program.


Program entry point


Class that keeps track of the bot's internal representation of the world. Contains a dictionary which maps 3D positions like (x,y,z) to a label (open, obstacle, item, etc).


Handles converting from 3D to 2D coordinates and visa-versa based on a projection matrix calibrated for Path of Exile.


Code to grab image data from the screen using Windows API


Class for classifying image data from the game. Used to identify obstacles, enemies, items, and lightning warp (for movement).


Contains pre-trained tensorflow models


What is "CNNC" and why can't I import it?

CNNC stands for Convolutional Neural Network Classifier. It is from a neural network library I wrote here: https://github.com/nicholastoddsmith/pythonml Note: Currently, you will need to clone an older version where CNNC still exists or refactor TargetingSystem to use the newer API ANNC. (If you do this, please make a pull request).

Can I use this to farm for currency/experience?

No. The code is currently proof-of-concept quality and by no means production ready. The code is made available primarily for other researchers and by no means intended as an end-user application.