Algorithms and Data Structures (ands)

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This project was created for personal use mostly while studying for an exam (starting in the month of June in 2015) of a previous course that I followed called Algorithms and Data Structures I decided to make it publicly available to use and modify, so that people with difficulties in understanding and applying these topics can take benefit from it.

I discourage every beginner from copying shamelessly the source code, but instead you should definitely give a chance to your brain and sense of challenge first! At the end, you will definitely feel a better and more serious programmer! If you really do not have any ideas on how to do something, try to read the comments next to each function and/or class (or even the code itself) that you are interested in. They are there for a reason!

Any suggestions to improve the code, or the design of an algorithm or data structure, or corrections are of course welcome. Feel free to open an issue.


In this repository, you will find data structures, such as binary-search trees, and algorithms that often work on (those) data structures. You will also find some algorithms related to some particular design paradigm, for example algorithms related to the greedy or dynamic programming design paradigms.

Notes, warnings and "philosophy"


For each module I always try not to forget to specify the specific references that I used to implement the particular concept exposed in that module.

Apart from those, the following are the references which I always keep an eye on:


There many useful resources around the web to help you (and me) understand how certain algorithms or data structures work.

One curated list that I found useful which points to a bunch of other resources is the following:

Other resources that may be useful: