IDA plugins for static software complexity metrics collection.

This IDA script collects static software complexity metrics for binary executables of x86 architecture.

Minimal requirements:

IDA 5.5.0 (32 bit)

Python 2.5

IDAPython 1.2.0

Supported the following metrics:

1. Lines of code (function/module)

2. Average lines of code per basic block (module)

3. Basic blocks count (function/module)

4. Functions count (module)

5. Conditions count (function/module)

6. Assignments count (function/module)

7. Cyclomatic complexity metric (function/module)

8. Jilb's metric (function/module)

9. ABC metric (function/module)

10. Pivovarsky metric (function/module)

11. Halstead metric (function/module)

12. Harrison metric (function/module)

13. Boundary value metric (function/module)

14. Span metric (function/module)

15. Global variables access count (function/module)

16. Oviedo metric (function/module)

17. Chepin metric (function/module)

18. Card & Glass metric (function/module)

19. Henry & Cafura metric (function/module)

20. Cocol metric (function/module)

Additional functionality:

 - node graph generation (function)

 - basic block boundaries generation (function)

The tool is based on this paper.


    title={Improving fuzzing using software complexity metrics}, 
    author={Shudrak, Maksim O and Zolotarev, Vyacheslav V},
    booktitle={International Conference on Information Security and Cryptology},  

IDA plugins for trace complexity assessment.

This IDA script allows to calculate complexity of executed trace. The pincc.cpp described below may be used to extract such trace from an application.


Intel PIN DBI tool that allows to get trace of executed basic blocks.

Metrics efficiency analysis

We tested metrics to predict bugs in the following list of vulnerable apps:

The raw results are here:

This IDA Python script aimed to prioritize some test cases based on their coverage complexity. By default Halstead B metric is used to get coverage complexity. Also script excludes not unique cases based on executed trace.


Please read attentively current issues before using these scripts. Many metrics were not originally created for binary code, so I made a lot of assumptions during implementation and you should use results of these scripts carefully. Please mail me if you find any inaccuracy or mistakes in the implementation.