Twitter allows you to download your tweet archive, but that archive doesn’t contain your images or videos. Ergo, it is not really an archive.

This script:

(I wrote a similar script for a Medium archive.)

Why you should have a complete archive of your own data


  1. Request your Twitter archive from the bottom of
  2. Wait for the email.
  3. Download the archive from the email.
  4. Unpack it somewhere.
  5. Go to the root directory of that archive and run there (using terminal/command line).

Note: You can interrupt the script at any time and run it again – it should start where it left off.


--include-videos PATH_TO_YOUTUBE_DL

Download videos and animated GIFs from tweets. You have to download/install youtube-dl and then provide a path to it, e.g. --include-videos /usr/local/Cellar/youtube-dl/2017.01.05/bin/youtube-dl The script will try to find youtube-dl in its common path, but it might fail.

Note: This includes animated GIFs, which Twitter transcodes into videos.


Continue the process when one of the downloads fail. This will create an incomplete archive, although it is sometimes necessary as apparently Twitter deletes some images. The list of failed images will be output at the end.

--backfill-from EARLIER_ARCHIVE_PATH

Use an earlier archive to get images from if possible, instead of downloading (useful for incremental backups), e.g. --backfill-from ~/Desktop/tweet-archive


Do not download images from retweets (done by default).


Do not download any images (just videos).


Do not download any videos (just images).


Do not download avatars from tweets (by default, user avatars are downloaded alongside tweet images).


Force the script to not be very smart and download again stuff that’s already been download.



Does this work on Windows or Linux?

I wrote/tested it on Mac OS only, but I’ve heard of people having success running it on Windows. Others reported it worked for them properly on Ubuntu, FreeBSD, and Debian.

Does this download videos in addition to images?

Sort of. There is an experimental youtube-dl integration. Check out the include-videos parameter above. Note that the videos won’t be playable from the archive’s local webpage, but they will be downloaded locally into your file system.

Some of my images fail to load, even though they open on Twitter

Image URLs can change if you protect (or unprotect?) your account, and the archive can get out of sync. If that matches your usage, simply re-download a fresh archive.


This script is in public domain. Run free.

Version history

1.10 (28 Apr 2018)

1.06 (28 Apr 2018)

1.05 (27 Apr 2018)

1.04 (26 Apr 2018)

1.03 (5 Jan 2017)

1.02 (27 Dec 2016)

1.01 (27 Dec 2016)

1.00 (26 Dec 2016)