Comparable text miner


Comparable documents miner: Arabic-English morphological analysis, text processing, n-gram features extraction, POS tagging, dictionary translation, documents alignment, corpus information, text classification, tf-idf computation, text similarity computation, HTML documents cleaning, and others.

This software is implemented by Motaz SAAD (motaz dot saad at gmail do com) during his PhD work. The PhD thesis is available at:

Motaz Saad. Mining Documents and Sentiments in Cross-lingual Context. PhD thesis, Université de Lorraine, January 2015.

This software processes Arabic and English text. To use this software, load it as follows:

import imp
tp = imp.load_source('textpro', '')
#Then, you can use functions as follows:
clean_text = tp.process_text(text)


This software depends on the following python packages scipy, numpy, nltk, sklearn, bs4. Please make sure that they are installed before using this software.


This software uses the following resources:

Usage examples (demos)